Family Fun Fishing

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By Captain Buddy LaPointe | Florida Keys Fishing Guide

The Florida Keys is a well-known destination for targeting coveted game fish such as bonefish, tarpon, and sailfish. But not everyone has a large or particularly spooky game fish in mind when they go fishing. Many of my clients just want to have fun catching fish with friends or family.

The perfect location for this “family fun fishing” is in the protected shallows of Florida Bay. The bay waters are fairly well sheltered and can be comfortably fished even on a breezy day. This is fast-action, light tackle fishing for a wide variety of species including snapper, grouper, seatrout, mackerel, jack, and ladyfish to name just a few. marathon family fun fishing guide captain buddy lapointeTo add a little excitement, we’ll often target “toothy critters” like sharks and barracuda at the end of the trip. These fish are great fighters in the shallows and are quite photogenic at the boat.

Many of the fish we target on these trips are not only fun to catch but are also delicious table fare. Most restaurants down here are happy to cook your catch for you, which often makes the perfect end to a fishing day. Young anglers are often very excited about helping to provide the fish for dinner, and Moms appreciate the restaurant handling the cooking and clean up duties (it is vacation after all).

It’s a perfect experience for the whole family, or for Dad and the kids if Mom is looking for some quiet time ashore.  Of course, Moms are always welcome (and you can save the spa for another day). A half day charter allows plenty of time for this type of fishing. marathon family fun fishing guide captain buddy lapointe aIt is the perfect choice for introducing youngsters or inexperienced anglers to fishing. It is our “bent rods and smiling faces” trip.